How to Maximize Your Frequent Flier Miles

For twenty years airlines have been rewarding customers for their loyalties. However frequent flyer programs can be so tricky to navigate. Let’s take a look at how you can successfully make your way through that maze.

As you may know that there is nothing easier to acquire frequent flyer miles but nothing harder to redeem them. This is so particularly true now as it become easier and easier to accumulate miles but much harder to use them as there are more blackout dates and capacity controls.

So what is the greatest challenge to using the miles now you ask? I think navigating the black out dates and capacity controls by the airlines. There are just a lot less seats available for flyers. So here is our 3 tips to making sure you can take advantage of your miles.

1) Book your flight early – Because there are fewer seats available, you should book your flight as early as you can. Most airlines allow you to book the flight up to 11 months before, so book your flight as early as possible, especially if you have a complicated itinerary.

2) Pick up the phone – Even though all airlines want you to book your flight online for cost saving reasons, you should pick up the phone and speak with the rep as more than likely you will do better even with the added fee for speaking with someone to book a flight instead of doing online.

3) Use the miles for upgrading – If you have a lot of miles, use them to upgrade. This is a very wise way to use your miles because you get a lot for your money. So buy a ticket and use the miles to upgrade to business class for instance.

Airlines have been encouraging us to use the airlines, but you should think twice and we don’t recommend using it at first. Even though you have to pick up the extra fee, you will notice that guys on the other side knows the routes better, surrounding airports better and so would end up with a great deal.

How do you attain the elite status and what does it mean? Elite status is something given to frequent flyers. It is something meant to reward people who fly all the time. It allows you to accrue more miles and allows you access to first class lounges. You should really check your program in details for the specifics like how many miles do you need to reach certain tiers.

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